Meet them

    Alison Ward Exelby
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    English-born business woman living in Madrid and Owner of Alfa Uno Servicios, S.L., sworn translators’ and interpreters’ agency, which she has run for over 25 years. Fluent in both English and Spanish.
  • Airpets America
    Airpets América
    Caring for pets for over 30 years. Our team of pet lovers is dedicated to your special family members ensuring their trip is safe, secure and relaxing, for both you and your pets. Safety is our #1 priority in the relocation of your pets and our team of professionals is trained in every aspect of your pet’s transportation. We are member of IPATA, since 2004 which provides us with a network of associates around the world
    Wifi Away
    Urgent internet
    Connectivity from first moment at home and your mobile. The best and fastest solution in your hand at a good price.
  • AsistHogar
    We are professionals in the field of domestic services. We work on a customized basis to every customer selecting qualified and reliable staff to look after your kid or old person and providing cleaning services and servants as well
    Velázquez español para extranjeros
    Training Center
    Accredited by the Cervantes Institute, Velázquez Español para Extranjeros has been ​ Teaching Spanish to International students and professionals since 1967. It also offers english classes​.